Heartbreaking story of Zimbabwean girl whose face is 'eating her alive'

Heartbreaking story of Zimbabwean girl whose face is 'eating her alive'
Published: 2013 June 14 00:07:58 (46521 Views)
My Face Is Eating Me Alive is a film about Tare and her struggle to survive and will be aired on Channel 5 in the UK on 17 June 2013.

Her mum, Thandiwe sacrifices everything to save her daughter's life.

When Tare was 13 years old she had a toothache.  

Her mum Thandiwe - as most mums do - told her not to worry, it'll go away, but it didn't.  

Over the next couple of years the toothache developed into swelling on her upper left jaw that grew and grew until Tare was left with a face-consuming and life-threatening tumour.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tare, a bright, clever girl who aspires to be a dermatologist has had a tumour for the past eight years.  

It's grown so big that its destroyed her jaw and uprooted most of her teeth, leaving her unable to breath, being fed by a tube and on the verge of death.  

But she is not alone.  It is estimated that there are another 1000 young people in Zimbabwe with general tumours.

Apparently some people see them as the work of the devil or animals deserving of their fate.  

Help comes from two organisations, Saving Faces and Girl Child Network fighting to save Tare's life.

Source - Channel5

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Anonymous user 2014 April 25 09:15:54
You can contact Girl Child Network or Saving Faces
Anonymous user 2014 April 25 06:37:05
How should I contact them, if it's reappearing, I can help them out, I must suggest, they must visit India as medical faculties are better than UK, and quite cheap as well, even there are NGO's which I know who can help if the problem is reoccurring, I am not saying UK is not better, but for her betterment with less expensive india is the best place in world for medics.
Anonymous user 2014 April 11 15:13:24
Lord my heart goes to her as I drop tiers
Anonymous user 2013 September 08 23:53:53
My heart goes out to this very brave young lady and her family - I am so upset - life is very unfair and can be very unjust - I was watching news only last week about certain sportsmen earning millions !!! and people spending thousands on cosmetics to look younger ! Crazy world weave in?