Mourner 'possessed by dead man' runs amok at funeral

Mourner 'possessed by dead man' runs amok at funeral
Published: 2014 May 28 09:53:50 (13170 Views)
Mourner, Sisa Mpala, 36, ran amok at a funeral of her relative on Monday after she attempted to open the coffin.

She later launched herself on grief-stricken people gathered to bury Milton Gumbo at Chinotimba Cemetery.

Mpala, who claimed to have been possessed by Gumbo's spirit, uttered incoherent statements and indiscriminately assaulted fellow mourners, sending them fleeing in all directions.

She was later handcuffed and taken to hospital.

Mpala, broke the handles of the coffin bearing the body and almost damaged its lid as other mourners struggled with her while the more nervous scurried for cover, according to witnesses who were at the cemetery.

It is said Mpala started acting like a possessed person at the funeral parlour.

Her behaviour continued at the graveyard and back at home as she threw around dishes and pots containing food meant for mourners.

The late Gumbo's half-brother and family spokesperson, Bekezela Sibanda said they resorted to handcuffing Mpala in order to contain her.

A witness said Mpala suddenly jumped from across the grave and grabbed the coffin and started speaking incoherently.

"People suspected that uledlozi and wanted to drag the body out of the coffin. Some pastors tried to pray for her but she hurled unprintable insults at them as she continued beating everyone resulting in mourners running for their dear lives," said the source.

Mpala alleged Gumbo had "revealed" himself in her, demanding revenge on "his killers".

Still with a needle on her wrist, Mpala, a mother of three who lives under Chief Mvuthu, said it was her uncle speaking and attacking people through her, apparently to send a message to his killers.

"It was my uncle talking and not me. Those people deserved to be beaten and it was not me who beat them. He revealed to me saying although he had children, I was supposed to lead in his revenge.

"The problem is that this might cause chaos or attract legal implications but my uncle wanted me to be at his grave until the coffin was lowered but they sent me away."

Gumbo, 54, who died on the spot last week on Thursday was driving towards Victoria Falls from Hwange when a Nissan pick-up he was driving hit a tree at the 401KM peg.

His colleagues Thathi Mathe, 36, and Sylvester Munkuli, 33, from Mkhosana Township were rushed to Victoria Falls Hospital with critical injuries. They were said to be still unconscious yesterday.

While police said they were still investigating the cause of the accident, Gumbo's family blamed his employers for unfair labour practice, as he was reportedly called back to work after he had knocked off in the evening, suggesting he was exhausted when the accident happened.

"We met his employers and we inquired about their way of operating because he had knocked off yet they had to call him for a trip to Hwange.

"Yes they admitted and apologised, saying they would compensate but even if you check on his leave days you would see that something is wrong in the way people are made to work because even at his age he shouldn't have been driving at night," said Sibanda.

Source - Chronicle

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