'Romantic goblin' torments old lady

'Romantic goblin' torments old lady
Published: 2015 February 13 12:49:19 (13005 Views)
62-year-old Dorah Molefe from Mamelodi, Tshwane, SA, claims that a 'romantic goblin' visits her every night and forcibly sleeps with her.

She said the short hairy creature leaves her weak, tired and sore.

"I have gone to about 10 sangomas to help chase this evil creature away but nobody has been able to help me."

"I fear going to bed because I know the tokoloshe won't leave me alone. I scream for help but nobody hears me. I try to fight it but it is too strong."

"I am not a young woman. I have two adult daughters. I need somebody with strong powers to chase this thing from my house," she said.

She said the goblin also steals her money and even eats food from her house.

"I like buying peanut butter but before I eat it, the bottle is empty. I think it is the tokoloshe that likes sweet things," she said.

"I don't know what to do. People just seem to hate me. A sangoma once told me I have been cursed with evil muthi so people don't want to have anything to do with me," she said.

"And I once found a dead bird in my bedroom. What does it mean?"

Dorah said the trouble started about 10 years ago, at about the same time that a tenant left her yard, but she has no proof that the tenant did anything to her.

Source - Dailysun

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