Jealous, incestuous dad murders daughter's boyfriend

Jealous, incestuous dad murders daughter's boyfriend
Published: 2016 April 17 13:13:39 (12714 Views)
A man who was allegedly having an incestuous relationship with his 16-year-old daughter brutally murdered her new boyfriend in cold blood.

The suspect, Simon Sikireta, disappeared soon after committing the crime, leaving Zimunya villagers in Zimbabwe in shock.

The deceased 17-year-old Knowledge Putsai was doing Form Three at Munyoro Secondary School in Zimunya.

As detectives investigated the murder, which was committed at the suspect's homestead, they came across an assortment of allegedly stolen household items that were hidden in one of the rooms at the compound.

In no time, neighbours and other villagers thronged the homestead identifying some of the stolen items as theirs.

Detectives revealed that Sikireta was abusing his daughter and had been in an incestuous relationship with her since 2013 and threatened her with death if she ever told anyone.

It is alleged that on the fateful day, he came home on Tuesday afternoon at around 5pm and saw Knowledge playing cards with his daughter.

It is alleged that he had once heard rumours that his daughter was now dating Knowledge.

Detectives recovered stolen items such as clothes, generators, fridges, sub woofers, television sets as well as several mobile handsets.

When interviewed the girl confirmed that she was in love with her father and had slept with him several times since 2013.

She also confirmed that she was in love with Knowledge.

"Yes, I was in love with my father. I never wanted the set-up, but he would constantly threaten me with death if ever I divulge the abominable relationship to the police or anyone else.

"He is a violent and jealousy man who never wanted to see me with a boy.

"Yesterday (Tuesday), he came home around 5 pm and saw me playing cards with Knowledge which angered him.

"I greeted him and he never responded. A few minutes later when I had gone outside, I saw him assaulting my boyfriend.

"I stormed into the room and found out that my boyfriend was struggling to breathe. He died while I watched helplessly.

"It was painful. My father ran away heading to a nearby mountain. I tried to run after him, but he outpaced me. I notified neighbours who came to our homestead," said the visibly shaken teenager.

In a separate interview, village head, Mr John Mangere, said he was saddened by the incident which claimed the life of an "innocent" young man.

"Before this incident happened we were investigating a case where Sikireta was believed to be in love with his daughter. We know him as a violent person and a serial thief. He was a nuisance who never respected relationships. We hope the police will do their job and apprehend him," he said.

Knowledge's guardian who identified herself as, Mrs Sylvia Maroso, said the late teenager was a disciplined young man with a bright future.

"It is sad that Knowledge had to die this way. He was an orphan who was disciplined and friendly. He had so many friends. We hope police will make an effort and bring the perpetrator to book," she said.

Neighbours laid the blame on the police for failing to arrest Sikireta over his incestuous relationship with his daughter.

"It was a public secret that this man was in a sexual relationship with his daughter. We are, however, baffled why police failed to act earlier. We are not sure if they feared him, but this could have been avoided," said a villager who chose not to be named.

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