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Bona Mugabe, 24, graduated with a Master of Science in Banking at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). The programme is affiliated with the University of Wales in the United Kingdom. Bona Mugabe did her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance in Hong Kong, and chose to complete her Masters in Singapore. MDIS Secretary General Dr R Theyvendran said: "Since Singapore is becoming a hub for education in the region, we've already attracted students from 78 countries, and Africa is a very good area since the people are more interested in developing themselves. Zimbabwe President Mugabe said: "We know the students here are very highly competitive. Education here is taken very seriously by the government. The fact that our daughter managed to do a degree here has opened our eyes much more. "We have been sending students to various countries, mainly Africa, America, Malaysia and Thailand. But a few have been coming here sponsored by the government (in Singapore), but very few. But now we are going to sponsor ourselves, going to sponsor some students especially to MDIS to do management."



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